Points & VIP Policy

Points ($1 USD = 1 Points)

 $1 USD = 1 Points, e.g you placed an order $100 USD,  you will get 100 Points when your order status has been  changed to “shipped”.  the vip rank will be automatically recalculated according to your current points, and that you will get corresponding vip discount according to your currect VIP rank when you place a new order.

Vip RankPointsDiscountReview Reward
Bronze Buyer>=10005% off5 points
Silver Buyer>= 30008% off8 points
Gold Buyer>= 500010% off10 points
Platinum Buyer>= 800012% off12 points
Diamond Buyer>= 1000015% off15 points
Valued VIP (VVIP)>= 3000020% off20 points

Notes: We will apply a bigger discount at your order when you can enjoy multi-discounts at the same time.